Wednesday, 10 July 2019

The Lands of Aurellia & Caro: Book Three

The kratius.

The mirror image of the world that's separated only by magic.
This is where humans live in the Wastelands, Mermaids live in the waters, and Vampires rule the seven kingdoms. But these aren't just your average bloodsuckers; these vampires use magic and have Pires; inner beings that crave sex.

After Candessa and Warth succeeded in killing Munhar, they returned to Angara where Navira revealed some shocking news to Scarva and Vallessa.

Now forced to return to Aurellia to deal with the aftermath, the four begin to wonder if the ominous cloud of smoke they saw has triggered something worse than they could ever have anticipated.

With flashbacks to the past, all family secrets are laid bare. Who is the real enemy? Who has been secretly wishing death on their own child? And will Vallessa finally find out why she is like she is?

But more importantly, after all is said and done in this tragic tale of love and betrayal, who will come out on top? And who will live or die?

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