Wednesday, 10 July 2019

The Lands Of Aurellia & Caro: Book One

A damaged Prince and a Princess with a secret in a world where vampires rule the seven kingdoms. But these aren’t just your average bloodsuckers, these vampires use magic and have inner beings called Pires.

And Pires have cravings.

Princess Vallessa Aurellia is the eldest daughter of King Luaruss Aurellia, the Original Vampire, and the one who rules the largest kingdom in the kratius; the kingdom that conforms speech. Vallessa has resided in Angara for the past sixty years, but her father has just summoned her home to break the news of her arranged marriage.

She’s been promised to Prince Scarva Caro, the only heir to the second largest kingdom in the kratius; the one known as the land of lust. But Scarva killed Vallessa’s uncle so she's defensive right from the get-go.

However, Vallessa is fiercely loyal to her father and accepts his request of her.

Vallessa wants to hate Scarva, but her Pire has other ideas, and as the couple leave Aurellia for Caro, things between them go from hostile to worse, sex becomes a lethal weapon, and the conformed speech is replaced with a vulgar one that’s heavy with insults.

But they must learn to find a common ground because unawares to them both, their union has triggered a series of events that have been centuries in the making.

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