Wednesday, 10 July 2019

 The Lands of Aurellia & Caro: Book Two

Welcome back to the Kratius; the mirror image of the world that's separated only by magic.
This is where humans live in the Wastelands, mermaids live in the waters, and Vampires rule the seven kingdoms. But these aren't just your average bloodsuckers; these vampires use magic and have Pires; inner beings that crave sex.

Recently binded, Vallessa, Scarva, Candessa and Warth are closer than ever. Scarva's mental wounds are healing and Vallessa is doing her best to reassure him that she is loyal to him. But Candessa and Warth have their own relationship developing, which doesn't include their owners...

Princess Lyra has been murdered, and after the attempt on Princess Vallessa's life, Xanth is the number one suspect. But Xanth isn't working alone and as Prince Scarva and Princess Vallessa travel back to Aurellia, the shocking revelations begin to come thick and fast.

Trips to Gawta and Vanerra reveal shocking truths and century-long hidden secrets that if revealed to anyone other than them, have the capability to tear the whole kratius apart and cause chaos for everyone involved.


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